Tereza37 }}


Director: Danilo Šerbedžija, Croatia, 2020., feature 100 min.

37-year-old Tereza is going through a crisis after her fourth miscarriage. Under the pressure of  more

 Pleasure, Comrades! }}

Pleasure, Comrades!

Prazer, Camaradas!, Director: José Filipe Costa, Portugal, 2019., documentary 105 min.

The end of the Carnation Revolution marked a new page in the history of Portugal  more

White Riot }}

White Riot

Director: Rubika Shah, United Kingdom, 2019., documentary 81 min.

In the late 1970s, the rise of fascist and xenophobic tendencies in public discourse divided  more

DIY Life: The Story of Combat Rock Industry }}

DIY Life: The Story of Combat Rock Industry

Tee se itse-elämä: Combat Rockin tarina, Director: Ville Asikainen, Janne Tanskanen, Finland, 2019., documentary 79 min.

A documentary film about the creation of the Finnish punk rock record label Combat Rock  more

Feels Good Man }}

Feels Good Man

Director: Arthur Jones, United States of America, 2020., documentary 92 min.

The hero of this documentary is Pepe the Frog, better known as an internet meme.  more

Moffie }}


Director: Oliver Hermanus, South Africa / United Kingdom, 2019., feature 103 min.

To be a moffie is to be weak, effeminate, illegal. The year is 1981 and  more

Plunder }}


Talan, Director: Mohammad-Sadegh Dehghani, Iran, 2019., documentary 55 min.

The Iranian water supply is largely dependent on groundwater. In the last fifty years, Iran  more

Cleo }}


Director: Eva Cools, Belgium, 2019., feature 106 min.

Cleo survived a hit and run accident in which both her parents lost their lives.  more

Saint Frances }}

Saint Frances

Director: Alex Thompson, USA, 2019., feature 101 min.

Flailing 34-year-old Bridget finally catches a break when she meets a nice guy and lands  more

Bait }}


Director: Mark Jenkin, UK, 2019., feature 89 min.

Martin is a fisherman without a boat, displaces from his childhood home to the estate  more

A Dog Called Money }}

A Dog Called Money

Director: Seamus Murphy, Ireland / UK / USA, 2019., documentary 94 min.

A uniquely intimate journey through the inspiration, creativity, writing and recording of a PJ Harvey’s  more

Just 6.5 }}

Just 6.5

Metri Shesho Nim, Director: Saeed Roustaee, Iran, 2019., feature 134 min.

Samad Majidi is a member of the Anti-Narcotics Police Task Force in Iran. After long  more

For Sama }}

For Sama

Director: Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo / Sirija, 2019., documentary 95 min.

Recorded with a simple digital camera, For Sama follows the experience of war through the  more