25 kn
28.08.2020. 19:00
Art-kino Croatia


The hero of this documentary is Pepe the Frog, better known as an internet meme. Matt Furie, the author of the comic in which Pepe is a chill frog dude, could not even imagine what incredible and numerous transformations his creation will go through once it becomes viral, thanks to the advancement of the Internet and social media. Imagined as an innocent comic book character, Pepe the Frog first became the emotional and psychological embodiment of 4chan community, then through a series of incredible mutations became a symbol of hatred and xenophobia represented in the alt-right and other far-right movements. The story about the ways in which the unpredictable and elusive online reality can shape the world and leave consequences that we are unable to control.

Festivals and awards

Sundance Film Festival 2020- Nominated for Grand Jury Prize; Winner of the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Prize for emerging filmmaker/ Lighthouse International Film Festival 2020- Winner of the Jury Award for Best Documentary/ Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2020- Nominated for Best Feature Documentary; Winner of the Special Mention in Best Feature Documentary category;